ACUA Personnel

Sarah H. Moore, Administrator
(334) 353-5770

Lloyd H. Moore, Assistant Administrator
(334) 328-9734

James M. Arndt, Jr., Bank Examinations Coordinator
(334) 328-9742

Robert J. (Jeff) Russell, Bank Examinations Coordinator
(334) 462-6137

Peter C. Ukeje, Bank Examinations Coordinator
(205) 617-7915

F. Scott Morris, Bank Examinations Specialist, Senior
(334) 328-6040

Arden Ward, Bank Examinations Specialist, Senior
(334) 546-1190

Raymond M. Price, Bank Examinations Specialist
(334) 467-4966

Administrative Staff
Barbie Sawyer, Executive Assistant
(334) 353-5770

Jan D. Reeves, Administrative Assistant
(334) 353-5770

Legal Counsel
Kenneth M. Achenback
Bryan Cave, LLP
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