Administrative Orders

Administrative Orders are formal enforcement orders issued by the ACUA pusuant to Chapter 17 of Title 5 Code of Alabama 1975, specifically, Section 5-17-8. Generally, ACUA issues Administrative Orders when it finds that a credit union and/or persons affiliated with a credit union have violated a law, rule, or regulation, or engaged in an unsafe and unsound practice. The most common Administrative Order is an order to Cease and Desist, which requires a party to take action or refrain from taking action.

Deposits of the Credit Union are and remain insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

Date of Issuance Order Number Institution View Order
04/02/15 2015: 002 Alabama One Credit Union Click here
Motion to Stay Enforcement Click here
Order Denying Motion to Stay Enforcement of Cease and Desist Order and for Expedited Hearing Click here
Motion to Clarify Click here
Order Denying Motion to Clarify Click here
Notice of Hearing Click here
    Notice of Appointment of Hearing Officer Click here
    First Amendment to Cease & Desist Order Click here
    Second Amendment to Cease & Desist Order Click here
    Amended Hearing Location Notice Click here
    Notice of Dismissal Click here
    Third Amendment to Cease & Desist Order Click here
08/27/15 2015:C01 Conservatorship Order Click here
02/15/17   Release of Conservatorship Click here is a website developed by the NCUA to provide consumers information about credit unions. Click on logo above for a wide range of information about financial products and services available to credit union members.