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Rules & Regulations


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ACUA Regulation 1705 - Field of Membership can be obtained by clicking here.


NCUA Rules & Regulations For State Chartered Credit Unions
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Part 701 Organization and Operations of Federal Credit Unions (updated April 2002)
Part 702A Prompt Corrective Action (updated August 2002)
Part 704 Corporate Credit Unions
Part 705 Community Development Revolving Loan Program For Credit Unions
Part 707 Truth in Savings
Part 708A Conversion of Insured Credit Unions to Mutual Savings Banks
Part 709 Involuntary Liquidation of Federal Credit Unions and Adjudication of Creditor Claims Involving Federally Insured Credit Unions in Liquidation
Part 710 Voluntary Liquidation
Part 711 Management Official Interlocks
Part 713 Fidelity Bond and Insurance Coverage for Federal Credit Unions
Part 715 Supervisory Committee Audits and Verifications (updated April 2002)
Part 716 Privacy of Consumer Financial Information and Appendix § 716.1 Purpose and scope.
Part 722 Appraisals (updated April 2002)
Part 723 Member Business Loans (updated April 2002)
Part 725 Central Liquidity Facility (updated April 2002)
Part 740 Advertising
Part 741 Requirements for Insurance (updated August 2002)
Part 742 Regulatory Flexibility Program (updated April 2002)
Part 745 Share Insurance and Appendix
Part 747 Administrative Actions, Adjudicative Hearings, Rules of Practice and Procedure, and Investigations
Part 748 Report of Crime or Catastrophic Act and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance
Part 749 Records Preservation Program
Part 760 Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards


ACUA Regulations

Section 1. Organization Of A State Chartered Credit Union
     Field Of Membership Expansion
Section 2. Loans
     Loan Policies
     Participation Loans
     Business Loans
Section 3. Investments
Section 4. Reserves
Section 5. Supervisory Committee
Section 6. Share Insurance
     Powers and Duties
     Operation Of A Credit Union Share Guaranty Corporation
     Special Provision
Section 6.1 Non-Federal Share Insurance Qualification Requirements for Credit Unions


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