Mission Statement

The Alabama Credit Union Administration’s mission is to provide effective supervision and regulation in order to affirm the future viability of credit unions and the safety of deposits therein, promote the unencumbered commerce between the citizens of Alabama and credit unions, allow for innovations in services, products, and technology that maximize credit unions’ capabilities to provide service, and assure that Alabama state credit unions provide professional, competent financial services, wherever possible, to the citizens of Alabama regardless of means.

Board Meeting
Dec 16, 2015  -   Pursuant to Title 5-17-56 of the Code of Alabama, 1975, notice is hereby provided for each member of the Board of the Alabama Credit Union Administration that a board meeting of the Alabama Credit Union Administration will be held at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, December 30, 2015, in Suite 300 of the RSA Union Building, located at 100 N. Union Street, Montgomery, Alabama, 36104.

NOTICE: Change to Tax Exemption
Dec 4, 2015  -  Legislative Act 2015-534 requires all persons or companies, including but not limited to those cited in Title 40, Chapter 9, other than governmental entities, which have a statutory exemption from the payment of Alabama sales, use or lodgings tax to annually obtain a certificate of exemption, Form STE-1, from the Department of Revenue, regardless of the type of transaction or whether the tangible personal property is subject to sales and use tax or whether the accommodations are subject to lodgings tax.

Postponement of September 23, 2015 Special Meeting of the Advisory Board.
Sep 17, 2015  -  The September 23, 2015 Special Meeting of the Advisory Board has been postponed.

Member Services and Deposit Insurance Uninterrupted
Aug 27, 2015  -  The Alabama Credit Union Administration today placed Alabama One Credit Union into conservatorship

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